As everyone in business knows, cashflow is vital to the success of any venture. In times of economic turbulence, it is even more critical to ensure your business has sufficient cash to maintain its operations and pay its way.

This can be achieved in a number of ways by using tried and tested funding instruments or making your business processes more efficient to positively impact the cash position of your company. Here we list a number of ways we can help – but this is not exhaustive. If any of the following solutions strike a chord with you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Invoice Finance is a generic term to cover products and services such as:

Invoice discounting


Asset based lending

Receivables finance

All of these to a greater or lesser extent achieve the following:

  • Client receives up to 90% advance of invoice value
  • Freedom for business to retain control of their sales ledger or to outsource this to the lender
  • Invoices financed can be domestic or export sales
  • Typically, a confidential facility or can be disclosed where the funder requires greater visibility

We are an invoice finance specialist

so for a free no-obligation discussion feel free to discuss your unique situation

Trade finance can provide upfront funding against confirmed orders, open up letters of credit facilities on your behalf, and provide direct supplier payments or even a cash advance.

Suitable for businesses who have confirmed purchase orders/supply contracts from reliable sources. You can secure stocks but you have limited working capital to fund the purchase.

Using a Trade Finance facility is straightforward:

  • Place your order with your supplier
  • The Trade Financier will pay your supplier against shipping documentation or open a letter of credit for up to 100% of the purchase price of the goods
  • The goods are shipped and ultimately delivered to the client’s customers
  • The client will repay the transaction either by way of:
  • Within 90 days from the transaction date
  • Through a linked to invoice finance facility

There are numerous business loan products that have replaced traditional bank products that provide working capital from SME businesses.

The emergence of creative fin-tech lenders has plugged the gap left behind the regression of the main banks in the last dozen years or so. Choosing the right provider for the right circumstance of your business is what we do so click this link if you would like to talk to a member of the team about what options are available, please get in touch.

This is a growing segment of the lending market and provides a solution to many business funding requirements quickly and efficiently.

A business might need cash for a project, an acquisition or just additional cashflow through a difficult period. By utilising assets that have equity in them, either inside or outside of the business, you can release monies to be used in the business and repaid either out of cashflow, sale of the asset, or refinance of it. This can give from £50,000 to £5,000,000 of funding to a business quickly and efficiently over a term of up to 36 months.

This is more often premium priced because of the risk attached, but it tends to be on a ‘pay for what you use’ basis. Interest can be serviced or rolled up depending on the security and circumstances giving maximum flexibility. The main points to consider for a loan like this are:

  • What is the security being offered?
  • Can the loan interest be serviced?
  • How will the loan be repaid?

A flexible and popular funding solution who have available assets and need to make decisions really quickly.

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