Whether it is investment, development or you are looking to buy a property for your business, finding the right finance solution is critical. With so much to think about, finding the right funder can be extremely time consuming at a time where the market is moving quickly.


This can be a long term project or a short term profit opportunity, in either the commercial or residential sector


  • Up to 25 years – Residential
  • Up to 15 years – Commercial

Loan to Value (LTV) varies depending on the situation.
Typically fully amortising repayment profiles but interest only options are available.


Usually funders are looking to partner with experience developers with a strong track record and good knowledge of the market which mitigate their risks.

However there are a lot of innovative funding solutions to help developers achieve their goals.

Commercial Mortgages

Either for investment purposes or owner-occupiers, commercial mortgages can be used for new purchases or for refinance of existing premises.


New Purchases

Typically up to 70-75% LTV although certain sectors such as healthcare, professions, and education can attract up to 100% LTV.



This can be used to release cash for expansion or growth, or simply to get terms if the market has moved.

Property Development

Development Loan

Property developer with strong track record had the opportunity to purchase and develop a site during the pandemic.

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Short term secured facility, Commercial mortgage

Sizeable business which has provided services into the construction sector for over a century.

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