Whether it’s a car, commercial vehicle, plant and machinery, or yellow plant, asset finance can be used to preserve your business’ cash flow.

With options including Hire Purchase, Contract Hire, Finance Lease and Operating Lease we will work with various funders to find the best finance package for you and your business at the lowest rate in the market place.

Sectors which are well suited to Asset Finance are:

Types of Asset Finance

Hire Purchase
Hire purchase is a type of lease agreement that gives you the option to own the asset at the end of the term. After an initial deposit, the outstanding balance is paid off in monthly instalments. With this type of finance agreement, the instalments, even if they include a contractual balloon instalment, will amortise the full balance of the asset down to zero.

Finance Lease
A finance lease is a contract between a lessor (a funder or finance company) and a lessee (your business), where the lessee requires the use of business equipment, vehicles, or machinery. The lessor provides the use of such equipment in exchange for pre-agreed regular payments. This is a great option for businesses that need expensive equipment but do not want to purchase them outright.

Operating Lease
An operating lease is a form of rental agreement through which you the customer can make use of an asset over a fixed period in return for regular rental instalments to the lessor (the finance company).


Soft Asset
Soft asset finance is a flexible funding solution to access the equipment and software required for your business to function and grow. Soft assets can typically include IT hardware and software, security equipment and furniture and fittings – assets that are essential to the fabric of the business and key to its successful management and organisation.

Contract Hire
Also known as car leasing, contract hire is a form of finance agreement whereby the customer hires a vehicle in return for regular monthly payments. This allows you the customer to hire a car or van for a set period and pre-determined mileage at fixed monthly rentals.

Asset Refinance
You can also refinance your existing assets such as unencumbered plant and machinery to create a cash injection into your business.
Typical assets are ‘hard assets’ with good residual values such as yellow plant, engineering equipment, property, and vehicles amongst other things. There are a number of funders who specialise in refinance packages.

If you think Asset Finance could help you to push your business forward or solve a problem you’re experiencing, get in touch with us today.