Alternative working capital solutions: specialist lending to fund tax obligations

Are you worried about your current or upcoming tax obligations? If so, specialist lending to cover tax obligations may be the working capital solution for you and your business – and CCBS Group can help. You might not be familiar with it yet, but tax funding is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses, with lenders developing tools and refining their products to ease the burden of untimely tax bills.

Let’s take a closer look at the tax funding solutions we can offer:

VAT Funding

VAT Loans are short-term loans specifically designed to cover VAT liabilities, providing you with the necessary funds to meet your VAT obligations on time, typically in 2 or 3 capital payments.

VAT Bridging Finance is used to bridge the gap between a business incurring a VAT expense and subsequently reclaiming it, often in property transactions with a VAT liability as part of the purchase. The lender funds the VAT payment to HMRC and directly receives the proceeds of the VAT claim.


R&D Tax Funding

The R&D Tax Relief scheme offers tax for companies engaging in research and development. However, your company might still require funding to cover your R&D expenses. One option to consider is R&D Tax Credit Advance, which is an advance loan against your expected R&D tax credit refund. Repayment goes directly to the lender who would then distribute any proceeds after deduction of interest and fees.

We recently helped a well-established automotive business who had been impacted by COVID-19 and the subsequent supply chain issues by providing them with a £300,000 R&D Tax Bridging Loan. The funding was made available in 14 days and the client was delighted to have obtained additional headroom in facilities, particularly in such challenging trading conditions.


Corporation Tax Funding

Similar to VAT, you might face challenges in managing your Corporation Tax payments, especially if you have irregular or seasonal cash flows. Corporation Tax Loans can help you to meet your Corporation Tax obligations and are often structured to align with your company’s tax payment schedule over 12 monthly payments or less.

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It’s important to note that if you’re looking at this type of funding, it’s best to engage well ahead of time. So, get in touch with CCBS Group today – we’re here to help take the stress out of your tax obligations and give you honest, straightforward advice about the best funding options for you and your business.