Q&A with Graeme: Invoice Finance and who can benefit

So Graeme, what is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance is a product used to help maintain cashflow, it provides advances of up to 90% of a company’s debtor book – what customers owe you essentially – which provides you with a long-term cashflow solution. And as we all know, cashflow is critical for all businesses, at all times!

What are the benefits of invoice finance?

There are a lot of benefits – so many that it’s even overtaken overdrafts as the working capital solution of choice for many businesses and funders. For example, the only limit to the funds you can access is the total of the invoices you exchange – not like strict caps on bank loan lending policies. That means the product grows as your business grows, meaning it can provide a long-term solution. It can also nurture business growth as you’ll have a steady flow of cash rather than waiting for invoices to be paid before the funds are available, or banks to make lengthy funding decisions – so you can continue to build your business without any delays.

What types of businesses can access invoice finance?

It can really be used by any sized company from SME through to enterprise-sized businesses and there are even specialist IF providers which can support niche companies or specialist industries. For example, some lenders offer construction or contractual sector-specific lends to support businesses in certain sectors or with complex business models or financing.

What else can Invoice Finance be useful for?

It can also be used to support CapEx, acquisitions or buy-outs, or event-drive finance too. So if you’re going through a change, and you have concerns about its impact on your working capital, invoice finance can be a good solution to explore.

Can you tell us about a recent invoice finance deal you’ve been involved with?

It’s not a one-size-fits-all landscape so it’s really critical that you understand what will be required to implement Invoice Finance, what the risks are, and which funder can best meet your needs. We recently supported a longstanding client who was expanding operations into Australia after two successful expansions in the US and Canada. We found a global funder who could support them with a £200,000 Invoice Finance solution that gave them the cashflow headroom to drive forward their plans.

How can business owners find out more?

If this strike a chord with you, definitely get in touch with us. We can find out about your specific situation and give you honest guidance as to whether IF is the right solution for you, or whether something else would be a better fit for your circumstances.