Annual Review 2017

Well I can’t quite believe it has been two years since we launched. I am genuinely delighted to have been able to help a number of SME’s with funding their businesses, whether that be working capital, asset finance, short term secured finance, property finance or for acquisitions or MBO’s. However, over the latter part of 2016 there have been a number of instances where our remit has been wider than that. We have seen a growing requirement for a wider consultative service, where clients, amongst other things, need help with existing systems, for us to translate what their existing funders are looking for by way of financial information and more importantly why. Also how, as business owners they need to protect themselves from key risks. So going forward we will have 3 clear channels to our business Funding | Advisory | Investment Investment will be working with local entrepreneurs to identify and provide acquisition opportunities, and also equity opportunities back. We have rebranded the business and have a new website to communicate what Corporate & Commercial Business Solutions Group can provide for our clients

We hope you like the new branding. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the points further