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In a business environment that now requires much more than the traditional forms of funding that were previously available to them, companies need to consider all available options to get the correct fit for their particular situation.

However, this is not always easy. The finance world has changed dramatically in the past few years, with banks having tighter credit policies and the advent of a new phenomenon – crowd funding.

Fortunately, there is ‘credit appetite’ from lenders who are keen to assist, but companies must know where to look and how to put a proposition to them.

Having worked for major financial institutions for the past 25 years, I felt that the time was right to establish a unique funding solution proposition in the North East. Corporate and Commercial Funding Solutions’ (CCFS) bespoke service starts with a visit to the prospective client to gather relevant information and follows on with informed discussions with lenders in order to find the right solution for the client’s needs. This eliminates the need to conduct a ‘beauty parade’ of lenders for the client that is extremely time consuming and ultimately confusing.

To accomplish this, CCFS collaborates with two strong and innovative funding partners – Anglo Scottish Finance and Reward Finance Group.

Anglo Scottish Finance is one of the UK’s leading asset finance brokerage firms, with a broad range of funders in the following areas:

Having traditionally focused on asset and dealer support finance with a range of major lenders, niche funders, and ‘own book’ solutions, Anglo Scottish Finance is keen to develop their Commercial Finance division. This provides a genuine ‘one stop shop’ offering to SME businesses and their business advisors.

Reward Finance Group is a secured business lender with a difference. Run by Dave Jones and Tom Flannery, they have more than 60 years experience in banking and asset based lending.

Backed with strong funding lines, Reward Finance Group extends short-term finance to businesses that need it, in a quick and efficient manner. Secured funding lines are between £50K and £2M and are provided to businesses directly as a direct injection of cash, in conjunction with their business advisors, or to other funders to provide additional funding that can assist deal completion.

As well as short term ‘bridging’ facilities, Reward Finance Group provide innovative receivables funding solutions where a more creative facility is required, and now a new trade finance proposition through their invoice and trade finance divisions.

This combination of strong funding solutions with a professional and credible personal approach will prove extremely useful to the SME business and the advisory community in the region.

If you or your clients have a funding requirement or would like to know more about any of the above, then please contact Peter Cromarty on 07715 409386 or on the contact details below.

You can contact me on 07715 409386 or email me directly at marketing@ccfundingsolutions.com. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form